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Engineering services

We offer engineering services either to manufacturers/assemblers who need to comply with contractual requirements and to end customers who want to guarantee that their quality requirements are being respected.


We evaluate your project, proposing the best way to deal with the joining of welded parts for a given design, minimizing manufacturing and control costs.

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We draft/Verify the related documentation of a manufacturing (drawings, welding books, inspection certificates…)

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follow up_

We carry out workshop/onsite visits to direct or verify the execution of welded joints and their associated tests.

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Tets and

We manage the performance, testing and regulatory documents on welding (welder approval, WPQR, WPS, ...).

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Welding coordination service in accordance with the EN ISO 14731 standard and help with homologation in accordance with the EN 3834-2 or EN 3834-3 standard.

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Audits and
onsite visits_

We prepare and accompany clients during audits and client and 3rd party visits.

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Collaboration with companies_

We collaborate with manufacturing companies with their projects in the commercial phase and report the extra costs derived from contractual requirements (compliance with technical manufacturing specifications).

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Project technical management_

Technical management of R+D+i projects: The study of productive improvements or manufacturing processes, design and tests performances, audits defense,...

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Training for technicians and operators in the field of welding, mandatory regulations and good production practices.

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Directive 2014/68/UE of mandatory compliance for the CE branding of pressure equipment, is a fundamental requirement for the marketing of pressure equipment in Europe. WE5 offers an advisory service to ensure compliance with this directive and with the manufacturing standards most demanded by customers (EN 13445, ASME, ...).

European regulation Nº 305/2011 rules the CE branding of metal structures and together with the harmonized standard EN 1090 requires the figure of a welding coordinator. At WE5 we offer welding coordinators so that any manufacturing company can be certified EN ISO 3834-2 or EN ISO 3834-3, thus complying with the requirements of the mentioned regulation.

The refrigeration sector is undergoing enormous transformations in regulatory matters, not only in terms of the use of refrigerants but also in the manufacture and verification of its installations. WE5 accompanies and helps companies in this sector in the design and control of equipment and installations.

With very high levels of requirements, the petrochemical industry demands to work with the most modern materials and high durability even in the most severe conditions. At WE5 we dominate the most used materials such as duplex, superduplex, Inconel and the most used resistant alloys on the market.

The production of nuclear energy is a reality and will continue to be so in European powers such as France or the UK. With the highest safety and manufacturing standards, the nuclear industry presents a challenge for many manufacturers. WE5 offers support to companies that wish to enter and compete in this interesting sector.

Renewable energie is the future and the manufacture of their components is a part of our daily lives. With experience in sectors such as wind energy or the renovation of hydroelectric plants, we are used to work with both, national and international codes and standards (RRC-MH, …).

This continuously booming sector, has high level of demand and a large number of works on site. At WE5 we master the demands of publications such as APIs, while knowing the needs and manufacturing dynamics of the end customers in this sector.

The naval sector is characterized by a high demand in terms of corrosion and by the intervention and the surveillance of third parties specialized in the marine sector. At WE5 we have extensive experience in manufacturing with codes and standards of the international organizations that dominate the sector, as well as in manufacturing with "noble" alloys such as titanium, cupro-nickel or some stainless steels.

The railway sector has its own regulations for the manufacture and control of its components. At WE5 we ensure compliance with the usual regulations, training and advising for our customers on mandatory regulations such as EN 15085.

Covering a wide spectrum of manufacturing processes (drawing, welding, painting,...), this sector moves, both for car manufacturing and for assembly lines, an enormous quantity of metallic elements. At WE5 we know and master the demands of the leading brands in the field of automobile construction and their factories.

The imperative requirements in terms of health that rules the food industry define in a large extent the manufacture of the equipment that is used in this industry. WE5 has broad experience in the design and monitoring of the manufacture of equipment in non-harmful materials such as stainless steel vats, polymeric containers, …

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